Non-Legacy/Challenge Sims

Hey, hi, hello! So traveler's tales hasn't been coming easily to me, and then the game got updated and I wanted to try out the style influencer career, so. I opened a new save and got very attached very quickly. This is Zuri Lozano. I can't remember her traits now, but she's been a lot… Continue reading Non-Legacy/Challenge Sims


Tales by Young Travelers #1

They met when they were children, not even old enough to cross the street alone. Their friendship grew over sunny days on the playground while they searched for treasure and dismantled imaginary traps in imaginary tombs. As they got older, they started hanging out later into the nights. Their conversations about the future became more… Continue reading Tales by Young Travelers #1

9.13: In Which Generation Ten Begins

Hello, hello! Last time, Evangeline ((IĀ almostĀ called her Eibhlin, oh my god)) found the Forgotten Grotto, Elli aged up to YA and got herself a girlfriend, Rhys got married and moved out, and Elli also got married! Jaclyn also aged up to teen, right. So. A lot happened last post. Let's see what we've got for… Continue reading 9.13: In Which Generation Ten Begins

9.12: In Which There are Weddings

Hello, hello! Last time there was another engagement, a couple birthdays, and Elli found a potential romantic interest. Today . . . So, that's all for this post! Next time, more birthdays and probably debating about heiress. ((Because surely by now you guys have figured out my strong bias toward the ladies in this game.))… Continue reading 9.12: In Which There are Weddings