7.03: The Shortest Generation Ever


Hello hello again!

I’m so sorry for the mess that was last post and will be the next couple. Hopefully once I get through the stockpile of screenshots I have the posts will be easier to keep in order.

Let’s see what the mess is this time, eh?

06-15-18_12-45-33 AM
Grades up?
06-14-18_11-50-25 PM
06-14-18_11-30-06 PM
Haven started working out . . . I don’t remember why.
06-14-18_11-29-40 PM
I love Katelyn’s PJs.
06-14-18_11-22-06 PM
Bear phase . . .
06-14-18_1-07-06 AM
Grades again?
06-15-18_12-48-27 AM
Promotion, probably?
06-15-18_11-45-30 PM
Apparently Brodie’s YA birthday was closer than I remember?
06-15-18_11-33-43 PM
Talking to one of the girls I had him flirting with.
06-15-18_11-16-06 PM
He’s messing around with someone . . .
06-15-18_10-57-52 PM
Hi, teenage Kolton! I forget what you’re doing!
06-15-18_10-57-38 PM
She keeps on painting!
06-15-18_10-10-11 PM
Downloaded the SimDa dating app mod. Kolton’s hooking up with a girl for funsies.
06-15-18_9-07-46 PM
Oh, here’s Kolt’s birthday.
06-15-18_9-28-55 PM
He’s attractive. 😉 He rolled Evil and has the Soulmate aspiration.
06-15-18_8-26-45 PM
Someone’s quite the flirt.
06-15-18_8-24-12 PM
Cake! Probably Kolt’s.
06-15-18_8-18-06 PM
One night stand with Larsen, one of my OCs.
06-15-18_11-46-27 PM
Oh, it’s Brodie’s list of traits. He was moved into the apartment next door for my amusement.
06-16-18_7-23-48 PM
Katelyn lives next door with Brodie. We’ll see more of her later.

06-16-18_7-14-36 PM06-16-18_7-14-31 PM06-16-18_7-14-27 PM06-16-18_7-14-04 PM06-16-18_7-14-02 PM06-16-18_7-14-00 PM06-16-18_7-11-47 PM06-16-18_7-08-46 PM06-16-18_7-06-44 PM

06-16-18_7-06-41 PM
Kolt went out on a date with Alysia. They’re adorable together.
06-16-18_6-00-47 PM
Don’t remember what this phone call was about.
06-16-18_5-57-26 PM
Christina’s flirting while Kolt spray paints.
06-16-18_5-37-04 PM
More painting . . . oh, yeah, the easel was moved!
06-16-18_5-31-51 PM
Katelyn is unhappy. Apparently we were being loud?

06-16-18_3-51-23 PM

06-16-18_3-49-18 PM
So. Cute.
06-16-18_7-26-50 PM
Happy birthday!

06-16-18_7-24-43 PM06-16-18_7-27-17 PM

So Christina is an elder, Kolt’s a . . . teen, I’m pretty sure, and Brodie has moved out.

Oh, okay. I just looked through my screenshot folder . . . thought there were more . . .

We’re only 8 pictures away from Kolt’s YA birthday, so I guess I’ll throw those in here real quick. Then we’ll be in generation 8!

06-16-18_8-07-11 PM
Brodie must be having fun. He’s got . . . I think all 3 of his romantic interests living with him right now.
06-16-18_8-21-27 PM
Katelyn’s having a baby!
06-16-18_8-28-54 PM
She’s a very professional woman.
06-16-18_8-54-58 PM
Autonomous repairs! I thought I had that disabled!
06-17-18_6-00-16 PM
Nap time.
06-17-18_5-59-51 PM
Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyy . . .
06-17-18_6-07-24 PM
To youuuuuu!
06-17-18_6-12-43 PM
Kolt’s traits. I have a trait randomizing mod, in the hopes that some of my played Sims could have some custom traits. Wouldn’t have taken Kolt for a Homewrecker, though. Hm.
06-17-18_4-48-55 PM
Korey aged up, too.

Okay, so that’s all for this post!

Next time will be the first post of generation 8! O_O


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