8.0: Homewrecking

Hello, hello!

So generation 7 was super short. Let’s see if I can make 8 last a little longer.

06-17-18_7-31-30 PM
Alysia came over with Brodie. She was still a teen, then she aged up right in the hallway.
06-17-18_7-42-22 PM
Kolt got a double bed for grown up reasons.
06-17-18_7-58-15 PM
The couple that skills together, stays together?
06-17-18_9-54-48 PM
Clay. Also I am in love with her PJs.Very possibly my favorite cc.
06-17-18_10-38-49 PM
This is Itzel! Katelyn’s first daughter with Brodie.
06-17-18_10-38-59 PM
And Erica! Itzel’s twin. 
06-18-18_5-07-39 PM
Oh, why this room?
06-18-18_5-07-48 PM
06-18-18_5-08-43 PM

06-18-18_5-10-59 PM

06-18-18_5-11-04 PM
I’ll miss you, Christina. (Also: Alysia’s stone cold, damn.)
06-18-18_5-12-24 PM
Uh . . . I didn’t think Grim was one to flirt?
06-18-18_5-14-29 PM
Alysia, of course, saw Grim take Kolt’s hands, so she got upset.
06-18-18_5-15-26 PM
Cue lots of flirts between them to fix that.

06-18-18_5-15-31 PM

06-18-18_5-15-37 PM
And . . .

06-18-18_5-15-39 PM06-18-18_5-15-42 PM06-18-18_5-15-45 PM

06-18-18_5-15-46 PM
Of course they got engaged.
06-18-18_6-35-20 PM
06-18-18_6-26-29 PM
She dances, he watches TV. Or plays video games.
06-18-18_5-16-29 PM
Trying for a baby. It’s been a fair few days.
06-18-18_7-39-48 PM
06-18-18_7-42-45 PM
06-18-18_7-52-31 PM
Little bump! 😀
06-18-18_5-53-50 PM
The twins next door aged up! Here’s Erica. She’s a cutie.
06-18-18_5-54-03 PM
And here’s Itzel! The girls are pretty identical. O_O
06-18-18_8-02-36 PM
Also downloaded a mod for ultrasounds! I believe it was Alysia’s second trimester when she was able to go get this done? Anyway, this says they’re gonna have a baby girl!
06-18-18_8-16-37 PM
Bigger bump!
06-18-18_8-30-12 PM
And just before she’s due to burst, Kolt puts his Homewrecker trait to work.

I think that’ll be it for this post, folks!

Next time there should be a baby or two!

I’ll see you then!


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