8.01: So It Begins


Last time there was a death, an engagement, a pregnancy, and a scandal!

This time . . .

06-18-18_8-37-00 PM
We start with Alysia going into labor! They’re off to the hospital, and Kolt’s freaking out.
06-18-18_8-40-23 PM
Welcome to the family, Angelique!
06-18-18_9-04-59 PM
Uh-oh. Katelyn came back with a surprise. Looks like their night together had consequences.
06-18-18_10-27-42 PM
Clearly Angel’s infanthood was boring.
06-18-18_10-27-50 PM
She aged up all alone.
06-18-18_10-43-02 PM
Here she is all made over. She rolled Wild for her toddler trait.

06-18-18_10-53-31 PM

06-18-18_5-21-13 PM
Katelyn probably went home that night and at least made it appear that the baby could be Brodie’s, but they don’t want another–the twins are enough. Kolt kindly offered to adopt the little one. This would be Alysia and him actually discussing it.
06-19-18_3-12-16 PM
Here’s the little one! Katelyn had a little girl named Evangeline. Which I’m pretty sure was a spare’s kid many generations back.
06-19-18_3-53-19 PM
Her infanthood must have been boring, too.
06-19-18_4-04-58 PM
Here she is! She rolled Silly, for her trait.

06-19-18_4-17-53 PM

06-19-18_4-19-41 PM
They’re so cute. They’re literally only a day apart in age, so I think Im just gonna age them both up on Angelique’s birthday.
06-19-18_4-34-04 PM
So cute. ❤

06-19-18_4-36-52 PM

06-19-18_4-43-44 PM
So . . . there might be a little tension in the house. Alysia probably suspects that Eva is Kolt’s.
06-19-18_5-09-09 PM
She definitely has a higher relationship with Angel than she does Eva. Oh, and I swear Angel had a bath. Just not a very long one, apparently.

06-19-18_3-20-48 PM

06-19-18_5-15-55 PM
They’re just so cute!
06-19-18_7-45-29 PM
Erica and Itzel aged up!
06-19-18_7-35-31 PM
They’re so pretty! But I’m glad they’re spare offspring. It took 8 generations, but there are finally MacDermotts with neither red hair, nor brown eyes! 

So that is the end of my stockpiled screenshots. Holy crap. There were so many.

I can’t wait to see these two toddlers grow up, and I guess we’ll see if Kolt and Aly decide they want more kids later.

Right now, between the latest patch/cc semi-breaking my game and my strong lust for Seasons, I don’t know when I’ll post next.

Maybe I’ll have the funds by my birthday, and we’ll see if I keep any cc aside from MCCC/SimDa/the ultrasounds/trait randomizer. Because I really, really like those mods.

Anywayyyy . .  . . . . I will see you guys next time, yeah?


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