8.03: Birthdays and Promotions

Hi hi!

The family’s back!

Last time there were birthdays and puppies! Oh, and I never mentioned it, but Brodie and Katelyn had another baby!

This time . . . Well.

07-03-18_10-08-13 PM
Eva’s a B student!
07-03-18_10-19-16 PM
The girls dance together for fun and motor skill. Angel is pissed.
07-03-18_10-36-44 PM
07-03-18_10-59-08 PM
She’s an A student. (And Angel’s a B student, too. That picture just doesn’t wanna work.)
07-03-18_11-02-08 PM
07-03-18_11-10-11 PM
Happy birthday, Aly!
07-03-18_11-25-22 PM
Bonding with the puppies. Who look filthy. I should have Kolt or Aly give them baths, probably.
07-03-18_11-53-55 PM
Katelyn invited Kolt to the flea market. He brought his kids. Gonna let Eva sing. May as well put that custom trait of hers to use, right?
07-03-18_11-59-05 PM
More motor skill! There’s about a week before the girls’ birthday.

07-04-18_12-01-31 AM

07-04-18_12-01-35 AM
Kolt tries the bubble blower. 😛
07-04-18_12-03-59 AM
The four of them play basketball.
07-04-18_12-06-41 AM
Everyone else goes home. Eva stays out well past curfew–she’s being rebellious early on.
07-04-18_12-12-41 AM
This redhead’s name is also Evangeline! Our Eva was amused and decided she had to sing a duet with her before heading home for the night.
07-04-18_12-20-11 AM
There is a strange toddler in the house. And a strange teen. Oh, and Pixel aged up just as Eva got back!
07-05-18_4-15-17 PM
Pixel had to go to the vet. And look! The lady’s hair matches the room! XD
07-05-18_5-10-17 PM
Angel is an A student!
07-05-18_5-44-03 PM
Homework pals.
07-05-18_6-09-03 PM
Givin’ Pixel some love. ❤
07-05-18_3-15-08 PM
And this is Mindy! Brodie’s youngest. She’s a lil cutie.

So Angel and Eva’s birthday is in about two days, so I think I’ll end this part here!

Next time the girls will be teens and . . . . I dunno what else might happen. I suppose we’ll see.

See you all next time!


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