8.04: How Time Flies . . .

Hello, hello!

Last time: The girls both became A students, Aly aged up, Pixel required a vet trip . . .

Let’s see what today brings, yeah?

07-07-18_1-39-00 PM
The girls both training their puppers.
07-07-18_1-50-36 PM
07-07-18_2-09-30 PM
Happy birthday to youuuuuu

07-07-18_2-12-20 PM

07-07-18_2-12-33 PM
Happy birthday to yoouuuuuuuu!
07-07-18_2-45-58 PM
Angelique rolled Golden Throat for her trait and the custom aspiration of Hound.
07-07-18_3-15-24 PM
Evangeline rolled the custom trait Jeremy and wants to be a Master Chef.
07-07-18_3-29-26 PM
I don’t remember if there was a specific reason for taking this picture . . .
07-07-18_3-31-32 PM
They’re adorable.

07-07-18_3-34-25 PM

07-07-18_3-35-52 PM
Taking the pups out for a run.
07-07-18_3-56-06 PM
They’re heading out on an adventure!
07-07-18_4-07-25 PM
Eva decided she’d take on some laundry duty.
07-07-18_5-19-18 PM
Pixel needed a bath.

07-07-18_5-42-39 PM07-07-18_5-42-41 PM07-07-18_5-42-45 PM07-07-18_5-42-58 PM07-07-18_5-43-18 PM07-07-18_5-43-20 PM07-07-18_5-43-24 PM

07-07-18_5-43-25 PM
Quick wedding before Kolt has to go to work! Did anyone else forget that they weren’t actually married before?
07-07-18_5-44-48 PM
Pixel was whining for a walk while no one else was home.
07-07-18_5-54-56 PM
Promotion! Kolt’s topped his career!
07-07-18_6-21-57 PM
The mood swing walk makes a return!
07-07-18_6-22-42 PM
Majora ran away. Eva is so sad. 😦
07-07-18_6-24-12 PM
Majora was only gone for a day! She’s home now! 😀
07-07-18_6-25-31 PM
Promotion! Aly is so close to topping her career.
07-07-18_6-53-42 PM
Brief interlude for Mindy–Brodie’s youngest.
07-08-18_1-12-54 AM
07-08-18_1-14-57 AM
07-08-18_1-15-58 AM
Game. What are you doing to her??

I think that’s all for now!

Next time . . . probably an elder birthday or two, uh . . . I really don’t know. I guess we’ll find out next time?

I will see you all then!


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