8.05: The End is so Close

Hello hello!

Last time: The girls celebrated their teen birthdays, Kolt and Aly finally got married, and Kolt topped his career!

Today . . . I mean, probably more birthdays, but who knows? Let’s just jump in, yeah?

07-09-18_6-00-57 PM
Eva starts us off with video games!
07-09-18_6-25-04 PM
She does a lot of glitching that I didn’t take pictures of. Is weird. She did stop eventually, though.
07-09-18_6-51-29 PM
Homewrecker trait being put to work again by Kolt! The chick he’s cheating with is super pretty, though.
07-09-18_8-17-03 PM
Majora needed to go to the vet. She and Pixel keep getting bitten by squirrels. -_-

07-09-18_8-29-52 PM07-09-18_8-30-01 PM

07-09-18_8-32-04 PM
This is Cleo! She’s, obviously, Angel’s RI! They’re adorable.
07-09-18_8-41-46 PM
Lookit how skinny Aly is! It’s real tempting to change her career so she can maybe put some weight on. ._.
07-09-18_9-22-16 PM
Eva’s an A student!
07-09-18_9-23-57 PM
Angel has an official girlfriend!
07-09-18_9-25-21 PM
07-09-18_9-25-44 PM
Oh, hey, a teen is making the cake this time.

07-09-18_9-25-58 PM

07-09-18_9-26-15 PM
Any guesses as to whose birthday it is?
07-09-18_9-29-05 PM
Here’s the pretty girl that Kolt has been favoring lately.
07-09-18_9-43-08 PM
Happy birthday, Kolt!
07-09-18_9-51-48 PM
Majora ran away again. -_- Eva makes me sad.
07-09-18_9-54-41 PM
Family breakfast!
07-09-18_10-03-26 PM
Majora came home!
07-09-18_10-30-19 PM
Kolt completed his aspiration! I just hope he has enough time to write all the Books of Life he’s supposed to. (Oh, and please ignore his last name. I have no idea when/how/why that happened.)
07-10-18_3-36-44 PM
And now it’s the girls’ birthday!

07-10-18_3-39-38 PM

07-10-18_3-46-54 PM
Angelique rolled Klepto for her final trait.
07-10-18_3-55-24 PM
Evangeline rolled Foodie, and with that, she is declared heiress. Angel and Pixel are promptly moved out of the household.
07-10-18_4-11-19 PM
Here’s Mindy, Katelyn and Brodie’s youngest. Ain’t she a cutie?
07-10-18_3-12-12 PM
And this is Sloane, the first born between Itzel and her wife, Ashlee.

And with that, generation eight comes to a close. Kolton’s managed to write a Book of Life for Alysia, but still needs to write his own and one for Evangeline.

Alysia will be aging up to elder in a couple days and retiring from her job, probably.

And Evangeline has joined the astronaut career, per challenge rules, and will start learning handiness so she maybe might gain access to the mine in Oasis Springs.

I will see you all next time!


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