9.0: Meet Lillie!

Hello hello!

So Eva’s generation begins!

Last time we had Kolt’s elder birthday and the girls aged up.

This time . . .

07-15-18_11-34-32 PM
Meet Lillie Croft! I think it’s way past time to introduce some alien genetics.

07-15-18_11-38-36 PM07-15-18_11-40-18 PM

07-15-18_11-40-21 PM
They’re so cute.

07-16-18_12-03-59 AM

07-16-18_12-04-44 AM
😉 😉 😉 😉
07-16-18_12-30-18 AM
This is Lillie’s disguise. She’s cute in both forms!
07-16-18_12-58-00 AM
Aly got a promotion!
07-16-18_1-05-00 AM
And it’s also her birthday! (She retired a few days later.)
07-16-18_1-07-15 AM
What . . . Oh, dear.

07-16-18_1-07-18 AM

07-16-18_1-07-22 AM
Now that she’s dating an alien, they wanna make sure she’s worthy, I guess?
07-16-18_1-08-21 AM
Oh, thank god you’re an elder!
07-16-18_3-20-20 AM
Lillie got promoted! 😀
07-16-18_3-38-24 AM
And so did Eva!
07-16-18_3-40-27 AM
They celebrate . . .

07-16-18_3-40-35 AM07-16-18_3-40-40 AM

07-16-18_3-40-42 AM
Via engagement. ❤
07-16-18_4-09-10 AM
And we all know what comes after that . . .

And I think that’s all for now!

Next time: . . . Maybe the first of generation ten? An elopement? Probably at least one death. 😦 We’ll find out for sure when we get there.

I will see you all then!


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