9.01: This is Moving so Quickly . . .

Hello, hello!

Last time, we met Lillie, Aly aged up into an elder, and there were a couple alien abductions.

Today . . . Well. It’ll probably include a death, but let’s get in and see, yeah?

07-25-18_9-04-18 PM
……….Who got abducted this time?
07-25-18_9-04-20 PM
07-25-18_9-47-10 PM
Soo you can’t really tell in this pic, with that hoodie and all, but Eva is pregnant!
07-25-18_11-41-16 PM
There’s some morning sickness for you all.

07-25-18_11-42-55 PM

07-25-18_11-46-46 PM
Angel and Lillie get to feel the baby now that the bump is visible.
07-26-18_12-09-45 AM
07-26-18_1-30-42 AM
Noooo, Kolton!

07-26-18_1-30-54 AM07-26-18_1-30-58 AM

07-26-18_1-31-57 AM
07-26-18_1-33-17 AM
But with death comes new life. . . . According to the ultrasound, Eva’s having a boy.
07-26-18_1-34-23 AM
Lillie needs handiness for work.
07-26-18_1-53-25 AM
Third trimester bump!
07-26-18_2-00-36 AM
Wait, wait, no!
07-26-18_2-01-11 AM
Oh, and a couple strange kids get to watch, too.

07-26-18_2-01-22 AM

07-26-18_2-03-00 AM
😦 Majora! D:
07-26-18_2-05-26 AM
Promotion! And also labor.
07-26-18_2-10-57 AM
Hey, the doctor is my OC, Luke! This is actually kinda funny to me. He’s a necromancer in the story he’s in. XP
07-26-18_2-12-32 AM
Meet baby Cale. He’s a cutie!
07-26-18_2-16-32 AM
Lillie takes over the first feeding for her very tired fiancée. (She also got another promotion while Eva was at the hospital.)
07-25-18_10-15-18 PM
Last thing . . . Itzel’s girl aged up! Lookit little Sloane!
07-25-18_10-21-21 PM
Itzel also adopted this lil cutie. Meet Nataly!

And I think that’s it for now, all. It’s late and I gotta get up in the morning~

Next time: Probably one more death, but also a birthday! Maybe a second child? I guess we’ll see.

I see you all then!


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