9.10: In Which I Gush Over Elliana

Hello, hello!

Last time everyone got abducted, Eva got pregnant with and had the twins Sean and Sasha, and Cale got engaged.

This time there’ll be a couple birthdays and I’m looking forward to showing off teenage Elli, like I said last post.

Let’s get into it, yeah?

08-16-18_7-32-03 PM
Grades went up! ^_^
08-16-18_7-35-44 PM
Jaclyn is not pleased with the two infants in her bedroom.
08-16-18_7-37-07 PM
So I’ve never actually had a toddler do the hit/bite interactions before. So Jaclyn got to bite her mother like a little brat.

08-16-18_8-02-50 PM

08-16-18_8-08-19 PM
Happy birthday, Elli!
08-16-18_8-44-27 PM
SHE’S SO PRETTY. She rolled Klepto for her trait and Guardian of Health–a custom aspiration for the doctor career from GTW. Side note: I am in love with the hairs that came with the latest patch. They’re so cool.
08-16-18_8-56-38 PM
Eva came over! (I’m gonna have to find a new nickname for Evangeline. Having two Evas could get real confusing real quick.)

08-16-18_8-57-32 PM

08-16-18_8-59-34 PM
So cute!
08-16-18_9-19-47 PM
Brandy asked Cale out on a date.
08-16-18_9-24-01 PM
I love them a lot.
08-16-18_9-29-46 PM
Cale meets cousin Rebekah when his date ends. They get along swimmingly!
08-16-18_10-01-21 PM
Age up cuddle . . .
08-16-18_10-02-19 PM
Oh, one of the other kids is aging up, too.
08-16-18_10-02-48 PM
Age up cuddle . . .

08-16-18_10-03-20 PM08-16-18_10-03-57 PM

08-16-18_10-04-54 PM
Happy birthday, kids!
08-16-18_10-24-14 PM
Jaclyn is very cute! She rolled Cat Lover and Rambunctious Scamp.
08-16-18_10-49-09 PM
Sean is Angelic–
08-16-18_10-57-19 PM
While Sasha isIndependent. (And! Rhys isn’t the only one with black hair anymore!) ((Also, yeah, okay, all the kids have some variation of this blush, shh. I just downloaded it and like it a lot. Eventually the use will die down some.))
08-16-18_11-46-57 PM
Elli was invited out by Angelique, who is old now.
08-16-18_11-52-23 PM
She spends more time getting to know these two other teens, though. (I gave the redhead a wardrobe fix, because she’s walking around in public in her underwear. ._.)
08-17-18_12-58-38 AM
Eventually she gets home (gets grounded), gets sleep, and does her homework.

08-17-18_1-16-50 AM

08-17-18_1-19-03 AM
The twins get gross at the same time and there’s only one tub.
08-17-18_1-24-25 AM
Almost a full family breakfast.
08-17-18_1-29-13 AM
Lovely face, Elli. (I need to see how the younger ones look as teens, but I am thisclose to declaring Elli heir right now.)
08-17-18_1-37-26 AM
The twins keep asking her for flashcards. My toddlers don’t usually like them, so this is weird. XP 
08-17-18_1-58-19 AM
Why does the ‘comfort’ trick only work for fussy toddlers? I’m so sick of everyone walking around crying because of family members they’ve never met dying.
08-17-18_2-20-09 AM
. . . I am terrified of having another death by hysteria.
08-17-18_2-43-41 AM
Eventually he calms down some and Eva comes over! They are official by the time she leaves. ^^

And that’ll be all for this post! It is very late and I need to get my sleep schedule back on track.

So next time should be even more birthdays and I might risk more abductions/pregnancies by moving some of the kids out/marrying them off.

So I will see you all then!


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